In Conductive Education we are always singing to the children whilst undertaking tasks, we call this "rhythmical intention". Rhythmical intention is one of the fundamental parts of Conductive Education and often the most noticeable!

Rhythmical intention is used as a conscious tool which links thought to language and movement. It therefore helps with the planning and regulation of motor acts by building an inner picture of the movement for your child. Importantly, it also involves your children being active in their own learning process.

By involving the children, rhythmical intention gives them valuable opportunities to use their voices without inhibition in the group. Singing is something familiar and comforting for the children and creates a lively, joyful atmosphere which is fun and spontaneous.

Hello Everyone Song

Good Morning Song

Good Afternoon Song

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Song

Time To Stay Home Song

Time To Go Home Song