My son was diagnosed at 14 months old with cerebral palsy. Our lives changed overnight and our world fell apart. Around two weeks later I was watching the lunchtime news and it mentioned that Peto UK was opening in London. I immediately telephoned for some information and was introduced to the wonderful world of Conductive Education.

From the day Shaun started, our lives once again changed. It was fantastic to meet positive, happy people instead of all the negative professionals that we had encountered along the way, especially as we had been told that he would never walk and would probably never even be able to turn over in bed without help. It was immediately beneficial for Shaun and within weeks he could roll over in bed.

Our family never looked back. I know that without Conductive Education in Shaun's life, he would not have grown into the man he is now – sociable, happy and always eager to try anything new. Shaun is now completing a four-year course at Brooksby Agricultural College on animal care.

Conductive education finds the positives, finds out what children can do and supports parents through their journey.

The work started when our own family got involved by launching Steps and now over 300 families have been helped through the fantastic work that is done at the centre. All of this is because one little boy, called Shaun, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy!

Deborah (Shaun's mum)