Steps Centre

Steps provides specialist Conductive Education for children with motor disabilities and delays. We run sessions throughout the week at our centre in Shepshed, Leicestershire.

Our playroom is a great place for families to socialise before a session. We always have soft mats and lots of toys for the children to play during this time. The children also get to tick their name off on the chart and parents will be asked to fill in a short piece on what the family have been up to the previous week.

Our lunch area forms part of our classroom set up; depending upon what session you attend, you may join a snack time or a lunch time either at the beginning or end of your session. We have a small kitchen area for preparing food and drinks.

Our large classroom has an assembly area where we join together to sing songs and to talk about our news. This area is also used for the structured lying tasks of the session. Our classroom also has lots of specialist equipment including benches and chairs which will all be adapted to the needs of the child. In addition, we must not forget one of our Steps mascots - the one-eyed crocodile - who comes snapping during "Row Row Row the Boat"!

Our outdoor play area is under cover so we can use it throughout the year. The children love putting their shoes and coats on at the end of a session to have a play outside. We have lots of different sensory and play equipment outside for the children to play on.