Steps family gifts specially adapted cars to children

Steps family gifts specially adapted cars to children

Posted: Sat, 30 Jan 2021 16:29

Steps family gifts specially adapted cars to children

Callum and Nikki Mckeefery's son Hudson attends Steps so they have seen first hand the vital work that we do. Callum decided to adapt a ride on car for Hudson so that he could enjoy the freedom of racing around in a car. These cars most often come with a foot pedal as the driving mechanism which can be very difficult for children with additional needs to operate.

Callum put his skills to great use and adapted the electronics in the car to be able to add a sensory button so that when pressed the car would move forward, he also added a remote control so that a parent can steer the car for the child.

After creating Hudson's car and seeing the joy that it brought, Callum took the incredibly generous decision to gift cars to other children with additional needs, they contacted us at Steps and asked us to put a message out to our families and a number of children have now received cars from this incredibly generous family.

Depending on the child's needs they've been doing various adaptations, including sensory buttons and specially adapted harness. On top of that each car is personalised with the child's name so they look super cool riding around town. But this is more than just a joy ride, these adaptations have really important developmental benefits, creating cause and effect learning with the results of the sensory button.

Yvonne Hardington who's son Alfie received on of the cars said "The generosity from a truly amazing family has brought so much joy and happiness a smile that lights up our life."

What Callum and Nikki have done for so many children is just incredible, they have spread a special kind of magic and put many smiles on children's faces.

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