For us, Steps is worth its weight in gold.

Our seventeen-month-old son Mikhail, who is a surviving twin, suffers from brain injury. This limits his mobility and delays development. However, after starting at Steps during the last three months, we have noticed progress and an improvement in Mikhail's condition.

Mikhail has become really aware of his environment and has begun to interact with other children. "When he reached out for Harry, who also attends Steps, it brought a tear to my eye," says Gemma.

The activities that take place at Steps are fun for Mikhail and involve all the necessary movements to promote development. The staff at Steps are fantastic, always helpful and supportive.

Mikhail enjoys the twice weekly sessions at Steps. It has been the best choice in terms of education. Being teachers, we both feel the need to encourage Mikhail as much as possible and conductive education has been the perfect choice and route.

Ferman and Gemma Uddin (Mikhail's parents)