Evelyn Joy was born on the 8th September 2016 and one week later was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, she was the 1 in the 1000 on the low risk test. While the diagnosis was hard and a shock to the whole family, we promised Evelyn a life as 'normal' as a Johnson could expect.

We were introduced to Steps two years ago via a friend, who recommended conductive education, as they had a positive experience with their child, who has Cerebral Palsy. We attended the first session as a family, extremely nervous and not knowing what to expect, the reality was much harder than we had anticipated and forced us to face head on that our daughter was disabled and would need extra support to help her reach her potential. Steps provided this support in dedication to helping Evelyn.

We learned during the sessions that Evelyn would be able to walk, be independent and most importantly be able to communicate, but this would require work from Evelyn and our whole family.

The Steps team are brilliant supporting Evelyn and providing guidance on how Evelyn could be the best she could be. They gave us exercises, lent us walking aids and provided us with Makaton communication cards, all for free from a charity run organisation.

My mum now takes her every Wednesday, which is a difficult thing to do as Evelyn will not always want to be there and won't like being put in positions to build strength or coordination, but due to my mum's perseverance and Steps knowledge and dedication Evelyn is now able to walk and no started to communicate with a few words and Makaton Sign Language. Evelyn has now started mainstream school and is doing great.