Our Centre is now open for face-to-face sessions.

Although there is no official government guidance on Covid-19 anymore we continue to ensure our centre is a safe space to welcome our families. We have a thorough daily cleaning schedule, all staff are following good hygiene practices, and hand sanitiser is available around the centre for everyone to use.

We have provided our families with guidance on illnesses and when not to attend their sessions to keep everyone's health a priority.

Please do talk to us if you have any concerns about visiting the Centre for your session.

Online Sessions

Our online service will continue in conjunction with face-to-face sessions. This enables us to keep supporting families who live further away and cannot visit our centre and allows those children who can, to attend face-to face sessions.

We run online sessions throughout the week for different abilities. These online sessions have been running for some time now, and the children have adapted to them really well.

Many household items can be repurposed as toys and aids during our sessions, and the sessions themselves can be easily accessed via any digital device connected to the internet.

Steps really has led the way in Conductive Education with this type of online delivery,
and many other centres countrywide have contacted us to share in the experiences and knowledge we have gained.

Taking part in an online session