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Our conductors will tell you that a career in Conductive Education is one of the most rewarding vocations. Working with children from a young age and being able to help them and their families implement strategies to aid their development and achieve their goals brings so many moments of joy every day.

Our Lead Conductor, Indila, is a tutor at the Conductive College and we have had many students undertake their practice placement with us.

Reka Simandi (Trainee Conductor) said:

Steps welcomes volunteers, trainees, and students on practice placement. My experience of working at Steps whilst training to be a Conductor has been brilliant so far. I was given some small (but important) responsibilities even on my first day which immediately made me feel like a competent member of the team and meant both my confidence and my skills developed rapidly. Everyone at Steps is always happy to answer my questions and support me with anything I need for my degree. Moreover, the atmosphere at Steps is incredibly positive; the children and their families put their trust in the team and their full effort into the sessions. In return, the team deliver an excellent quality of Conductive Education, enabling the children to achieve incredible feats every day. Everybody who comes to the Centre leaves with a smile on their face, which makes the process a pleasure to be a part of. It is highly rewarding to be involved in helping the wonderful Steps children to learn and play.

Becoming a conductor

A conductor is a professional trained in the field of Conductive Education. Conductor training focuses on teaching children and adults with neurological conditions how to learn and develop the skills the rest of us take for granted.

In order to do this, a conductor will gain specialist knowledge and understanding of how people learn, the impact of their condition and how to teach them in a way which promotes their own learning. Conductors learn about psychology, teaching, group work, anatomy, physiology and motor learning neurological motor disorders. They acquire the professional skills needed to teach and develop skills including movement, confidence, understanding and communication, conductive practice and the work of professionals in the field. It is a unique combination of skills focussed in the area of neurological conditions.

The BA Hons course in Conductive Education is unique in that it constantly merges theory and practice. The course is designed to provide trainees with the skills they need to become a qualified conductor and work confidently with children and/or adults with neurological conditions. Throughout the three years of the course candidates work alongside experienced conductors, some of whom would act as practice tutors.

In the UK, Birmingham City University offers conductor training resulting in a BA (Hons) in Conductive Education – with qualified conductor status. During the course, students learn to transform the lives of people with disabilities and neurological motor disorders to help them to be as independent as possible.

Delivered by the National Institute of Conductive Education (NICE), this unique course is the only one in the UK to qualify trainees as a professional conductor to work with children and/or adults with physical disabilities. The conductor students spend a significant amount of their training in practice placements, enabling them to continually link theory to practice.

Steps has been always been instrumental in supporting conductor training by acting as a practice placement option for conductor students. Our lead conductor qualified as a practice tutor in 2013 and has been mentoring many students ever since.

Briana (Previous student) said:

"I began my first placement at Steps feeling nervous but was instantly welcomed into the Steps family. My confidence grew with every session and I was offered so much support along the way. The team was always on hand to offer advice or guidance but equally I was given an amazing amount of freedom in deciding the themes and topics of my sessions as I progressed to leading. I will always be grateful to Steps for the opportunity to flourish and develop my skills to become a qualified conductor.

Throughout the 3 placements I spent at Steps, I met so many wonderful and inspiring families. They truly made my experience so special and from my first day made it clear that they trusted my judgment. Thanks to both the families and the staff, I felt really at ease throughout every session. Steps had such a positive impact on my university experience, I would highly recommend Steps as a placement and workplace to anyone and everyone!"

Internships and placements

We have had a number of students undertake work experience and internships with us. All of our conductors are qualified to degree level and we accept many students on their practice placements during their studies. We have also had students on work experience and placement related to many aspects of child-centred care including those studying early years, social care, nursing and childcare. If you'd like to find out more please use the contact information below.

Rebecca Eve (Previous student) said:

'I began my CE journey in training at Steps. Working at Steps provided me with a fantastic foundation in training to be a conductor. The support, insight and knowledge provided was invaluable to me. Above all else, I thoroughly enjoyed working at Steps and have left a little piece of my heart there.'

Indila Simandi

Indila Simandi

Lead Conductor

Steps Conductive Education Centre

40 Loughborough road
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