Our committed team of staff applies the principles and practices of conductive education - an innovative learning process pioneered at the Peto Institute in Budapest, Hungary.  Conductive education recognises that children with motor disabilities can develop in the same way as their able-bodied peers. It focuses on the child, not the disability.

The Steps Team

The process - in which play is an integral element - stimulates continuous development in bodily control, mobility and communication, transforming the child's confidence, motivation and well-being.

Because parents know their children best, we place them at the forefront of their children's education: they are encouraged to learn and play together, ensuring that skills acquired at our centre can be transferred to the home environment.

This also means parents are able to find support from each other, sharing concerns and achievements - as well as drawing on our information and training resources.

Our Groups and Activities

Each week during term-time we run a variety of sessions:

  • A mother and baby group
  • A mother and toddler group
  • A nursery group for children who attend on their own
  • A pre-school independence group where we liaise closely with the schools the children will soon be, or already are, attending
  • A Gym Club for children over five who attend mainstream school

Occasionally we are able to fund a residential field trip for the older children and their families at an Outdoor Pursuits Centre for disabled people in Cornwall

Other groups are added as needed or requested by families.