Here are some of the comments we have received about Steps.

Children coming from Steps show very high levels of concentration and motivation.

Local teacher in a mainstream school

Using the principles of conductive education has a marked impact on the development of individual children.

Local teacher

There is an emphasis on ensuring each child becomes as independent as possible and resulting overall progress has been a joy for me and my husband to see over the last year.


My daughter's quality of life has improved beyond belief since she stared attending the nursery. She was an unhappy two-year-old, frustrated by her inability to walk or use both hands together to perform simple tasks that others of her age took for granted. She could clearly express her frustration verbally and this took its toll on her family - Mum mainly! In September she will start mainstream school. She is now a happy, confident and intelligent little girl, who understands that she finds some things more difficult than other children. Your efforts have given her self-confidence and a positive attitude towards developing her physical abilities by overcoming her fear of failure.


Steps provides me with inspiration and means hope for the future.


This nursery has been a lifeline for me.


I wouldn't miss Steps for anything. It's my favourite time of the week.

Steps young person who now attends secondary school

This is the first time I have been somewhere where the staff and other parents actually know what I'm going through.

Parent attending Steps for the first time with daugther aged 2

Poppy's development in terms of her problem solving and her knowledge/understanding of the world are a relative strength. The excellent quality of interaction offered by parents, conductive education and the support offered by the preschool service is obviously benefitting Poppy.

Educational Psychologist